Everything You Need to Know about the Oscar Pistorius Trial


Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius, South Africa

Oscar “The Blade Runner” Pistorius, 26, was born without calf bones. His use of fiberglass prosthetic legs catapulted him into fame, setting world records in the sport of running and winning Olympic Gold medals.

Oscar and his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, were dating for five months when he shot and killed her in the middle of the night at his home in Pretoria, South Africa on Valentine’s Day this year. 

Oscar claims that he thought he was shooting through his bathroom door at an intruder on the other side. To his defense, there is a large gun culture in Pretoria, where houses are commonly robbed, and barbed wire protects many of the communities. However, before Oscar leapt out of bed and shot three times through his bathroom door, wouldn’t he think to check the bed for his loved one? It was Reeva in the bathroom, not an intruder, who Oscar murdered through the closed bathroom door.

Oscar is due in court on Monday, which would have been Reeva’s 30th birthday, where is faces multiples offenses including recklessly discharging a gun, and premeditated murder. One of the major details of the story that has yet to be determined is whether or not Oscar had his blades on when he shot through the bathroom door. Apparently, the angle at which the bullets went through the bathroom door is indicative of whether or not the murder was premeditated.

Although he will be in court on Monday, August 19th, his trial date is set for early 2014. 


Avoiding Chaos in the Sky

Avoiding Chaos in the Sky

Close call for Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie—

The current and former partners of Brad Pitt were booked on the same British Airways flight out of LAX to London’s Heathrow airport on Sunday night.

Someone realized the potential problem in the first class cabin and warned Team Anniston. Jennifer landed on Monday instead.


Stop & Frisk


Today, a federal judge ruled that the NYC policy of Stop & Frisk is unconstitutional.

For the past decade, this policy has allowed NYC police officers to stop and frisk anyone at any time for any reason—it has been completely up to their discretion.

The policy had been considered a great success as it has brought the NYC crime rate down to an all-time low. However, there has been question as to whether or not Stop & Frisk encourages racial profiling because it happens, more black and Hispanic men are stopped and frisked as compared to white men…. Is this considered racial profiling? Even though it is true that statistically, more minority men commit crimes?

So, is this racial profiling? Or are cops doing an effective job?


Would the outcome of the Zimmerman trial be different had the alleged victim been white? -President Obama


July 19th at 1:30pm ET from the White House, President Obama delivered a press conference addressing Trayvon Martin’s death. He opened the conversation about racial bias and racism and the context in which it exists in our country. Obama however acknowledged that statistically speaking, Trayvon would have been more likely to have been shot by a peer than by anyone else: intimating that racial bias may be linked to factual evidence and the heightened amount of criminality conducted by blacks compared to whites.

He made four suggestions to the nation for topics of further discussion: 1) government training of law enforcement at the state and local level 2) examination of state and local laws such as the “stand your ground” law in Florida, 3) bolstering and reinforcing African American boys and lastly, he concluded, “As President, I have some convenient power,” and made a recommendation that we all participate in some soul-searching.

Nassau County Science Fair

Saturday May 18th 2013 was the first annual Nassau County Middle and High School Science Fair, held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Uniondale, NY.

I volunteered to be a judge of the 400+ students competing for prizes in their respective categories: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Medicine, Physics and Zoology. The competition was organized by the Center for Science Teaching and Learning in Rockville Center, NY.

Here are some of the brilliant high school students I am so happy to have encountered:ImageImage Image


Americans consume 200-300 more calories daily than 30 years ago; with the largest single increase due to sugary drinks.

The original one-serving size of a Coca-Cola beverage was a 6.5-ounce bottle. A larger bottle, introduced to be an economical, family-size amount, was 16 ounces, and advertised to serve three people. The single serving cup size today is 32 ounces. How did today’s single serving size grow to be five times as large as the single serving size was 50 years ago?

Image6.5oz              Image           Image


The average adolescent consumes 357 calories in sugar-sweetened beverages each day. After 10 days, this equates to one pound of fat.

Food stamp users purchase 40% more sugar-sweetened beverages than do other consumers

One in five US households participate in the Food Stamp program, formally known as SNAP

One in three Americans are obese

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Who Knew: A Bee has a Huge Penis

Who Knew: A Bee has a Huge Penis

Drone bees or male honeybees, die after sex, so they must make the most of the single shot they have. Their endophallus (or internal penis) is designed to ensure that there is momentum in the extension of the penis, since bees mate mid-flight. This endophallus has to shoot into the queen bee’s sting chamber to impregnate her. Bee sex lasts for about five seconds. Ejaculation from the drone is so powerful that it rips his penis off, and it stays in the queen bee’s vagina, acting as a plug so the semen doesn’t drip out. The drone bee dies, post-sex and penis-less

Amazing photo from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Drone_honey_bee_reproductive_organ.JPG