Would the outcome of the Zimmerman trial be different had the alleged victim been white? -President Obama


July 19th at 1:30pm ET from the White House, President Obama delivered a press conference addressing Trayvon Martin’s death. He opened the conversation about racial bias and racism and the context in which it exists in our country. Obama however acknowledged that statistically speaking, Trayvon would have been more likely to have been shot by a peer than by anyone else: intimating that racial bias may be linked to factual evidence and the heightened amount of criminality conducted by blacks compared to whites.

He made four suggestions to the nation for topics of further discussion: 1) government training of law enforcement at the state and local level 2) examination of state and local laws such as the “stand your ground” law in Florida, 3) bolstering and reinforcing African American boys and lastly, he concluded, “As President, I have some convenient power,” and made a recommendation that we all participate in some soul-searching.


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