Americans consume 200-300 more calories daily than 30 years ago; with the largest single increase due to sugary drinks.

The original one-serving size of a Coca-Cola beverage was a 6.5-ounce bottle. A larger bottle, introduced to be an economical, family-size amount, was 16 ounces, and advertised to serve three people. The single serving cup size today is 32 ounces. How did today’s single serving size grow to be five times as large as the single serving size was 50 years ago?

Image6.5oz              Image           Image


The average adolescent consumes 357 calories in sugar-sweetened beverages each day. After 10 days, this equates to one pound of fat.

Food stamp users purchase 40% more sugar-sweetened beverages than do other consumers

One in five US households participate in the Food Stamp program, formally known as SNAP

One in three Americans are obese

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